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If you have been arrested for Operating While Intoxicated and you already have a prior DUI conviction, it is crucial that you act quickly and seek out qualified multiple DUI defense counsel to help you. A second or third offense DUI carries with it serious consequences if you are convicted under current Michigan law. Besides high fines and costs, a 2nd or subsequent OWI conviction can result in the loss of your driver's license and operating privileges for at least a year and for five years with 3 or more convictions. A 3rd offense also carries with it a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a mandatory minimum of 30 days in the county jail. Courts will also impose many probationary requirements such as random blood and alcohol testing, attending counseling and AA meetings, attending therapy, and successfully completing an alcohol education program.

Dennis J. Rickert has been a licensed Michigan attorney for more than 19 years. Prior to beginning his legal career he spent 22 years serving the public as a police officer. Mr. Rickert has been there as a police officer, observing the driving flaws of an intoxicated driver, personally conducting field sobriety tests, and administering breathalyzer tests himself. These personal experiences allow Mr. Rickert to see through the eyes of the arresting officer he will confront in defending your OWI case. He understands what to look for in evaluating police conduct, and he knows how to present a comprehensive case that challenges relevant evidence from a failed breath test to how a field sobriety test was conducted.

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Increased Sanctions

Mr. Rickert understands what is at stake if you have been charged with a second or third offense DUI, including:

  • Second offense DUI: If you are convicted, you face an automatic minimum one-year suspension of your license and driving privileges. You also face increased fines and jail time.
  • Third offense DUI: This felony charge can result in up to a five-year prison sentence and a driver's license suspension of five years or longer. Also, these penalties and sanctions remain the same regardless of when your prior convictions occurred.

Not only will attorney Rickert fight on your behalf, he will also do everything he can to minimize the license suspension as part of multiple DUI defense representation.

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OWI With High Blood Alcohol Content

Michigan has recently passed legislation which increases the penalty if you are found with a blood alcohol content of a .17 or higher. It does not matter if this is your first offense or not, the penalties are still enhanced and prosecuting attorneys are less willing to plead your case to a lesser offense. Having competent legal counsel in these cases is a must!

At the law office of Dennis J. Rickert, P.C., DUI charges are handled with efficiency and expediency. For help with facing this specific type of high BAC OWI charge, schedule a free initial consultation online or call 586-727-3355 Skype586-727-3355.

If charged under Michigan's new "Super Drunk" law (.17 blood-alcohol content or greater), you face a drivers' license suspension for the first 45 days followed by a 320 day restricted license period during which time a "breath tube" or ignition interlock device must be installed in your vehicle even if you have no prior arrests or convictions. You may also face a jail term of up to 180 days.

Additionally, you will be required to attend counseling for alcohol abuse for one year. The fines are also increased and prosecutors are unlikely to plea bargain when it comes to high BAC OWI charges. Unlike other DUI charges, prosecutors like to make examples out of these types of cases.

It is also important to note that if you are convicted for any type of DUI, especially under the super drunk law, you may have a much more difficult time crossing the border to Canada. There are also different penalties for commercial drivers because of the severity of the situation. These added consequences can jeopardize your livelihood and ability to work.

With his former law office located in Mt. Clemens, High BAC OWI attorney Rickert can help you deal with all of these consequences whether you face charges out of Mt. Clemens, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, Warren, Roseville, New Baltimore or any other Macomb County or St. Clair County jurisdiction. He will look at all of the components of your case and give you a thorough assessment of how he can help you.

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