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Child custody and child support are among the most emotionally charged issues in family law. Nothing is more important to parents than the well-being of their children. It's the lawyer's duty to make sure that the child's best interests come first, and to see to it that the parents' rights are protected and enforced.

Attorney Dennis J. Rickert has more than 19 years of experience practicing law. Having been through a divorce himself with children, he has a first hand understanding of the emotional difficulties his clients face. He provides experienced and dedicated representation for every client at his firm and he will handle every aspect of your case himself. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 586-727-3355 or contact his office online.

Modification and Enforcement of Custody and Support

When the judge issues a decree outlining your rights and obligations regarding child custody and child support, that doesn't mean your divorce case is closed forever. Circumstances can change and many factors may cause further action down the road.

  • Modifications: if either spouse experiences a significant change in income or if unexpected expenses suddenly pop up, you may need to modify the child support order. If either parent starts using drugs or behaving abusively, you may need to modify the child custody / parenting time arrangement. Mr. Rickert can help you make a motion to modify the order, or he can help prevent the other party from modifying the order.
  • Enforcements: If either parent fails to uphold their end of the child custody or support decree, then the other parent can ask the court to enforce the order. The court may issue penalties, garnish wages, impose jail time or modify the order in response to a parent's failure to comply.
  • Relocation: If a parent moves far away, it may affect his or her ability to adhere to the child support and parenting time arrangement. As a result, a parent cannot move more than 100 miles or even outside the State of Michigan without permission from the court. This issue can also result in post-divorce hearings requiring the assistance of a competent and knowledgeable attorney.

You can schedule a free initial consultation to discuss child custody and support with attorney Dennis J. Rickert by calling 586-727-3355 or by contacting his office online today.

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