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Drivers License Restoration Macomb and St. Clair County Drivers' License Suspension Lawyer

For many people, driving is an essential part of daily life. A driver's license suspension can affect your ability to get to work, hold a job, take kids to school, buy groceries, see the doctor ... the list goes on and on. If you have lost your driver's license or are facing a potential driver's license suspension, an experienced lawyer may be able to help.

Attorney Dennis J. Rickert has more than 19 years of experience practicing criminal defense law and he has helped many client's obtain a valid driver's license after being suspended for numerous reasons.

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Working for Full Restoration of Your Driving Privileges

Drivers' license suspensions often result from OWI charges, from refusing a Breathalyzer test or being convicted of Operating While Intoxicated a 2nd or 3rd time, or from points accumulated by traffic violations. Your chances of being able to restore your license will depend heavily on the severity of the charges that caused the suspension. Having a seasoned attorney who has faced the Michigan Secretary of State's driver's license appeal division hearing officers on numerous occasions highly increases your chances of having your license restored to a valid operator's license.

Dennis J. Rickert is an experienced attorney and, as a former law enforcement official, he is well known and respected by the courts. He can represent you and fight to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Attorney Rickert can assist you with:

  • Implied Consent Suspensions: If you refuse to submit to a chemical test (breath, blood or urine) offered by a police officer after your arrest, you will have your license suspended for one year. You may appeal this suspension but you must file a request for this appeal hearing within two weeks of your refusal.

  • Multiple OWI Convictions Suspensions: There is a minimum one year suspension of operating privileges for persons convicted of a 2nd Offense OWI within 7 years, and a minimum five year suspension/revocation of a driver's license for persons convicted of a 3rd or subsequent OWI conviction within 10 years. Once these minimum time periods have passed, the suspended driver needs to file a petition with the Secretary of State and request that their license be reinstated. But this process requires more than filing a petition, and having an experienced license restoration attorney assist you in preparing for your appeal hearing will give you the best chance of putting a valid driver's license back in your possession.

  • Alcohol Interlock Devices: Once you have your driving privileges restored by the Secretary of State following multiple OWI convictions you will be required to use an alcohol interlock device for one year before your license is fully restored. After successfully completing your one year interlock requirement, you will again need to appear before a Michigan Secretary State hearing officer in order to obtained your full unrestricted license. This hearing is the final step in having your license restored and you should have an experienced attorney assist you through this entire process

  • Filing an Appeal: If your license is suspended by the Secretary of State you may be able to petition Circuit Court and seek the restoration of your license (either fully or with restrictions). If you have recently lost your license, contact an attorney immediately since appeals to circuit court must be filed within a certain time frame.

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