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Even a first-offense drunk-driving charge carries penalties that can affect you for years down the road. You could lose your license and maybe lose your job. You may also be denied the opportunity to enter Canada which can be devastating for anyone whose employment includes travelling into Canada. You may also pay thousands of dollars in fines and fees. An experienced OWI defense lawyer can help you reduce your penalties or defeat your charges altogether.

Macomb County DUI defense attorney Dennis J. Rickert has more than 19 years of experience handling OWI defense. Before becoming a full-time lawyer, he spent 22 years serving as a police officer and was a certified Breathalyzer operator. He made over a thousand drunk driving arrests as a police officer. He understands how law enforcement works and he can quickly determine whether a traffic stop was proper, whether there was probable cause to make the arrest, whether the breathalyzer test was properly administered, and whether your rights were violated.

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If you refused to submit to a breathalyzer, blood or urine test following your arrest for a drinking and driving charge, your driving privileges will be suspended for at least one year unless you take immediate action! A request for a hearing in front of a Michigan Secretary of State Hearing Officer to contest this suspension must be filed within 14 days of your arrest date. If you do not file this timely, you will be suspended automatically.

Contact Attorney Dennis J. Rickert immediately so that he can assist you in maintaining your driving privileges before it is too late!

Reducing Penalties for OWI Charges

Because of his background in law enforcement, attorney Rickert is known and respected by judges and prosecutors. He will work hard to obtain the best possible resolution of your case, from substantially reducing your fines, cost and sanctions against your driving privileges to a full dismissal of the charges filed against you.

Handling Multiple Forms of OWI Defense

Not all OWI charges are the same. The law office of Dennis J. Rickert P.C. also handles a variety of charges, including:

If your license has been suspended or you are concerned that it will become suspended, learn more about drivers' license restoration.

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