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Questions about paternity can quickly become contentious. Arguments break out. Becoming caught up in "he said/she said" disagreements can result in losing focus of the main concern at hand - the well being of the child or children involved.

Dennis J. Rickert has practiced family law for more than 19 years. As an attorney and a father, he recognizes the seriousness of paternity cases. Families can be established or ripped apart based on the outcome of these sensitive matters.

Mr. Rickert represents both men and women with concerns over the paternity of a child. Call 586-727-3355 or contact Dennis J. Rickert online for a free initial consultation.

Representing Mothers in Paternity Actions

As a paternity lawyer, Dennis J. Rickert can help mothers bring legal actions to determine parentage, including assistance with securing any DNA testing ordered by the court. After a man has been legally determined the father of a child, Mr. Rickert can help you set up child support and negotiate on your behalf if the father seeks child custody or visitation rights.

Paternity Representation for Fathers

If you believe you are the biological father of a child but have not been permitted to be a part of the child's life, a legitimization action is the first step to protecting your fathers' rights. If you would like to obtain custodial rights and parenting time with your child, we can help you bring about a paternity action.

If you do not believe you are a child or children's biological father but find yourself subject to a paternity action, Dennis J. Rickert can help you protect your rights. He can represent you in court and help you obtain any DNA testing the court orders to confirm or deny that you are a child's father.

Contact an Attorney You Can Rely On

Whether you are a mother, a father, or an alleged father, a paternity action can have important consequences. Get help from an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and promote the best interests of the children involved.

For a free initial consultation to discuss your paternity case, call 586-727-3355, or contact Mr. Rickert online.

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