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Clinton Township Property Division Attorney

One of the most complicated aspects of a divorce filing is dividing the assets properly. You need to ensure that you are getting what you are entitled to, that your children are provided for and that you are protected for the future.

Clinton Township property division lawyer Dennis J. Rickert has not only over 19 years of experience as an attorney, but he also personally went through the property division process himself as part of his own divorce. This legal and personal knowledge can help inform clients of the emotional and technical components involved.

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Mr. Rickert is here to not just help you resolve this aspect of your divorce action, but to help you protect and assert your rights to make sure you get a fair portion of all:

  • Personal property
  • Real estate
  • Pensions
  • 401(k)s
  • IRAs
  • Investment accounts
  • Other bank accounts

He will make sure that the correct valuations are calculated regarding all of these assets, especially retirement benefits. He will help you work with qualified experts to assess the true value of the retirement portfolio and how it should be divided. He will also help you decide how to handle the division of the marital home if you have been affected by the housing crisis.

Richmond Division of Marital Assets Lawyer

It is important to know that once a divorce is finalized, you cannot amend property division agreement. You can only go back to court for custody and support issues. With this in mind, attorney Rickert will make sure that every detail is thoroughly attended to and that your settlement agreement is comprehensive and follows the principles of equitable distribution.

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